Care Options

Live-in Care

Live-in care solution is simply designed to provide any range of our services to individuals in the safety, comfort and warmth of their homes. We pride in providing high quality personal care services to individuals in their own homes. Our live-in care is person centred, holistic and designed to promote and enrich the best quality of life, independence and dignity whilst fulfilling each individual’s chosen lifestyle, preference and wishes. It has the flexibility to evolve with you, accommodating your regular personal routines around your health and social needs, as well as adapting to any changing circumstances.

Whatever the personal care or domestic support needs our live in care service can provide a service tailored to your circumstances, preferences and needs ensuring peace of mind for family, friends and representatives.

Hourly Call Service

Our Hourly Care at home service is for you if you need some support from time to time as frequently as you choose to assist you in areas where you need it most when you need it. Our focus still remains to help you to retain your independence and stay in your home, our Hourly calls can be as frequent as once a day or as frequent as three times a day perhaps providing help with breakfast, medication, and later providing support with lunch and perhaps evening tea as well.


During the hourly care service option, your carer can support you in many areas of everyday living including assistance  with personal care tasks like bathing or dressing, mobility, preparing and serving nutritionally balanced meals of your choice, prompting or administering medication, light housekeeping and errands and many more.

Night Care

Our Night Care service is a flexible care support option that recognises that sometimes our clients will need special care arrangement during the night arising from poor sleep patterns or simply the need for reassurance that someone is available to call upon during the night. We work closely with you and your family to ensure the safest and most appropriate level of night care is agreed and provided.

Our Night Care service  includes the option for Sleep-in or Waking Nights

During the sleep-in care arrangement our Carer is on hand to call all through the night in your home.  Sleep-in care ensures that our client, their family, friends and representatives have peace of mind that there is someone on hand all through the night if required. 

During the waking nights care arrangement our Carer is on call at all times during the night and are awake, alert and  making certain our client is sleeping or resting or at least safe, sound and secure. 

Lifestyle Options

As part of our dedicated service with residents in London communities and boroughs the Unicare Lifestyle Options  is a holistic and complete range of care services and support for people living in their own homes. The service mainly targets service users with personal budgets or direct payments, as well as individuals privately paying for their services. Lifestyle Options is also designed to work closely with local authorities, NHS, and Private Foundations in delivering health and social care.

We recognise that some older people will require a much broader range of services and support than just “personal care” and as such prefer a whole selection of health and social care services and support all arranged from under one roof. Our aim and principle is promoting and maintaining independence, self esteem, dignity and respect through building on what a client can do or could do with the right health and social care support. This means reducing any loss of individual capability where this is identified; maintaining existing capability and increasing capability.

To achieve this we actively work in partnership with any other support workers, local authorities, NHS, private, and voluntary organisations to provide everything that is important to in delivering a holistic and person centred service. We are committed to the Government’s agenda for choice, control and independence in social care and will work with you, your support workers and/or family to ensure you achieve a fulfilling, and improved quality of life.


You will usually have been “assessed as needing care services”.  You will have been allocated a “personal budget” or “direct payment” by your funders.  You can then decide what kind of support services you want to purchase and may want to discuss this with us and together we will draw up a “person centred” support plan that will meet all your needs. ONE CALL DOES IT ALL – 020 8888 5111 the only number you will ever need

There will be a number of factors to consider which include all aspects of your life to enable us to get a fuller picture of you as an individual and will be used to help complete your care and support plan.

We will discuss with you what you can manage to do on your own and the types of tasks/activities you will require support with.  This will be an assessment that will include support planning, personal care, domestic tasks, laundry, food preparation and cooking, nutrition and hydration needs, social activities, shopping, and pension/benefit management, and help with arranging appointments or anything else that you need support with.

Your support plans will identify the outcomes you want to achieve and we will put in place the support you need to enable you to achieve those outcomes.  You can be rest reassured that our services will be delivered in a non discriminatory way with respect to  your lifestyles needs, preferences and circumstances.

Below is a menu of services we can provide.  If you do not see what you want please do not hesitate to ask us.

  • Support and Confidence building
  • Housework
  • Shopping
  • Arranging social events
  • Swimming/Keep fit
  • Bingo/Tea Dancing
  • Cooking/Preparing meals
  • Washing/ironing clothes and minor repairs to clothes, e.g. sewing on buttons
  • Light garden work/Planting
  • Help with filling in forms
  • Attending places of worship
  • Travel on public transport
  • Entertaining your friends and Family
  • Support when attending meetings
  • Chatting and discussion
  • Personal care
  • Assist with organising your medication 
  • Enablement
  • Arranging Chiropody/Dental and Opticians appointments
  • Attending hospital/Doctors Appointments 
  • Keeping in touch with family and friends
  • The pursuit of hobbies and interests
  • Help looking after your pets
  • Securing your home if you have to go into hospital
  • Daily visits/Night sits/Night Care 
  • General encouragement
  • Support when receiving visitors
  • Handyman tasks
  • Monitor your well being and report concerns
  • Companionship
  • Going on holiday
  • Staying with Customer while informal support workers goes on holiday 

Whatever range of services you choose to have, you can opt to have a Live-in Carer; Hourly Calls; or Night Service.